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IMG_1103Hello and welcome to bobobrussels ! My name is Stefan, studied Interiordesign in Ghent, lived 5 years in Antwerp and now a happy resident of Brussels since 2005. 10 July 2014 I started this blog to share the nice things that cross my way with all of you out there.

So what is it all about ? In short : Food, Art, Culture, Brussels and Travel.

In Cook it real good I share some of my recipes and give you some addresses to catch some nice ingredients, cakes or other yummy things. Yum Yum Eat Out is the place to find a nice restaurant in Brussels and Belgium…from top gastronomy to a tasty burger.

In Bruxsel ma belle it’s all about Brussels…parks & gardens, Shops & Bars and more things to enjoy the lovely city Brussels can be. Also Museums and Exhibition got a place in this sections…so everything to enjoy Brussels.In the side bar of bobobrussels (or at the bottom when you use a tablet or smartphone) you will find a map with all the places (click on it to enlarge)

Ever wondered about all those statues on squares and in parks ? Well learn more about their stories on Statues of Brussels. A handy map will guide you to them.

And although I like to spend time in Brussels, travel the world is also one of my passions. Curious what nice things crossed my way abroad ? Have a look at the Travel The World section

Hope to be able to keep it entertaining and make not too many mistakes (English is not my mother tongue ). Please, if you have any remarks or tips, don’t hesitate to let me know.Most pictures on this blog are made by myself, sometimes the light or conditions are not as good to take a picture, so not all of them will be great. But I do my best 😉

Enough blabla…enjoy my blog and don’t forget to come back or follow me.



12 thoughts on “About ?

  1. Beste,

    Wij hadden u graag gecontacteerd in verband met de Weekend Blog Awards. Kan u ons uw e-mailadres doorgeven, dan sturen we u zo snel mogelijk wat extra informatie.
    U mag uw mailadres sturen naar magalie.descamps@roularta.be.

    Alvast bedankt.

    Met vriendelijke groeten,
    Weekend Blog Awards

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  2. Nice to meet you! I have lived with my husband for 10 years in the city center in a rented apartment. We loved it there. Now, we live in Mechelen in a house with garden!

    You have a cool blog here! 🙂 Greetings!


    1. Thanks 🙂 always nice to get encouraging comments on my blog. Brussels has so much to offer, so not short of subjects to write about. Mechelen is not far, so I hope some articles can be of use. Greetings from Brussels,


    1. Hello Denzil, Thanks, always nice to hear that people like what I do. For the map I work with google maps, when you create an account you can make maps yourself by adding marks or lines ( handy tonmake your own walking map) When a map is created you can than click to get include a map on your site. You get a code, which you just copy paste in your blogposts or pages. The code will automatically change in a map. You can adapt the size in the code, which I did for the map in the side bar. Don’t hesitate to ask more if you’re stuck.


  3. Hi Stefan – I just discovered your blog and I love it! I’ve been living in Brussels now for 8 years and looking at your blog I realize there are lots of places I still need to discover. Love it, love it, love it!


    1. Hi Carlos, Thanks for the comment. I have been silent on the blog for a while, but soon I will start posting again. Let’s say I have to come out of my winter sleep 😉


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