Brewdog, Beer Central Station

IMG_0888As you all know, Belgium is a real beer country. With more than 1200 beers on the market and small breweries still popping up everywhere this is even one of the reasons tourists come to Belgium. And although Belgians always claim they are not patriotic, this is not really true when it comes to their beers. But the UK’s biggest independent brewery Brewdog has the guts to introduce their beers on the Belgian market. And they do this in a clever way by opening a nice beautiful beer café next to Brussels Central station. You can compare it a bit with the opening of Danish Taverns in Belgium to introduce Carlsberg beer about 40 years ago.

IMG_5884The Brewdog café opened in the old Sabena HQ that was built in the 50’s and is well situated next to Brussels Central. Waiting for your train all of a sudden is a more pleasant experience. The big café is nicely decorated with a mix of vintage and  more industrial elements. The walls are covered with recycled floor panels and in the back you’ll find a more loungy area where you can have you drinks in comfy couches. Outside you have a big terrace that overlooks the street from above and will definitely be a place-to-be in the summer season.

IMG_5882And what about the beer ? Well of course they have 10 of their own beers on sale, but as those guys from Brewdog are not stupid, they also have a big list of Belgian and international beers on the menu. The list changes often, so you will never get bored. And if you have a little hunger, no problem, they also have some food on offer. So go and check out this new place, that will surely bring some more ambiance in the station area.

IMG_5808Brewdog : Putterij 20 Putterie, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

Opening Hours : Open 7/7 : Sunday – Thursday: 10am to 1am / Friday and Saturday: 10am to 2am

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